Tickets for next years main events will be on sale, form Ilkley Visitor Information Centre, for day and weekend tickets 01943 602 319
Friday night tickets are £18 for Anita Wardel and the support act from 6.30 pm
Saturday tickets are £35 for all 5 acts including the Ilkley Suite
Weekend tickets for all events in the Winter Gardens are £50

June 15th for individual tickets

Direct Bookings:
Bookings for Ilkley Cinema direct on - 01943 660 007
Bookings for Monkmans are direct - 01943 817485
Bookings for Quinta are direct - 01943 817 415
Bookings for Martinez are direct - 01943 600 000
Bookings for the black hat on Thursday are also direct

All free events are on a 'first come first served' basis, no bookings!

For the Masterclass, workshop or to play in the jam please email

The seating plan will include upstairs this year too!!!

 Any queries with tickets do not hesitate to contact
We are real people and will get back to you ASAP!

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